Sharon Sieben, currently resides in Mesa Arizona where she works in her home studio.   She is a prolific painter and states that she works with oils or acrylics, and often incorporates other materials into her creations for texture and interest. However, recently she has been doing some interesting watercolor paintings and that may become the medium of choice.  The next painting off her easel might be an impressionist food or floral composition in bold, splashy colors or a contemporary sea or landscape; but figurative subjects are her preference and contemporary nude paintings make up a large portion of her body of work.

Artist's Statement

The first artist’s statement I ever wrote contained this phrase, “trying to find myself in my art”.  That is still true but I have come to believe the answer is to Keep Trying.

With an open mind and eager paintbrush, I traveled down many pathways and tried different techniques in a variety of mediums.   I discovered a lot of areas that were “just not me” and discarded them.  I'm still searching.

The journey has become my passion! 

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